Projects – Mastersurvey Help

ID – Survey Form Unique Number

Form Title – Survey From Title

Team – Team Information If Created

Submissions – Number of time the form is filled

Created By – User ID of the Form Creator

Last Updated By – Last Person Who Had Edited The Form

Created On – Form Creation Date

Last Updated – Edited From Date And Time

Status Of The Form – Published or Draft

Edit – Changing the Text

Delete – Deleting the Project

Live Link – Fillable Link Of The From

Submissions :

Please check the fields in the Image. They are Self Explanatory.

Export Excel – Text

Output of Submitted Data via the Form in Text Version

Export Excel – Numeric

Output of Submitted Data via the Form in Numeric Version. For Data Analysis by Excel, SPSS, SAS, Minitab or others.

Clone : Creating Duplicate Version of Complete Project.